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Welcome to the opioid and prescription drug misuse prevention education site. Here you will find lessons and links to classroom activities for educating students about opioid and prescription drug misuse prevention.

Raising Hands

Opioids are a class of drugs used to reduce pain. Opioids include some prescription pain medications, synthetic fentanyl, and heroin. All opioids have a similar effect on the brain: they reduce the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain and affect the brain areas controlling emotion and breathing.

Youth are at risk of serious health consequences at the expense of opioid/prescription drug misuse. Educators and other important adults should be aware of these issues and how to address them.

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DISCLAIMER RE: Opioid and Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Education

This website lists many external web links and videos which can be used to potentially identify ideas one can use for teaching/learning. The author is not responsible for maintaining these links, nor does their listing imply content endorsement. The audience for this site is teachers who wish to bring opioid and prescription drug misuse education into their classrooms.

Authors: L. Whitney, P. Herbert, K. Welker, C. Cox, J. Reffitt (2019).

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